Meet the team

Dr Simon Gankerseer

Dr Alex Dombrowe
BMBCh, MRCGP, MA(Oxon), DTM&H, DRCOG(2001), PGCert

Dr Samuel Mason


Dr Ben George

Dr Tessa Paremain

Dr Phoebe Dane

Dr Stefan George

Dr Maya McNairn

Salaried GP providing contraceptive services including intrauterine devices and implants.

Rosie Bentley 
Practice Manager

Jill Riding

Bernadette James  

Sarah Jones

Reception Team

Our receptionists take telephone calls and are the link between you and your G.P. We choose our receptionists carefully and value them highly. You will find them friendly and helpful.   

The receptionist may need to ask you one or two questions to judge the urgency of your request.  Any information you give the staff is treated with the utmost confidentiality.  They are bound by the same codes of conduct as the doctors

Practice Nurses

Fiona, Amanda, Vanessa and Jenni are responsible for contraceptive advice, asthma clinics, blood pressure clinics, diabetic and heart disease clinics, and a travel vaccine clinic. A list of services is provided further in the Practice Leaflet

Jenni Sharpe

Fiona Hizzey 
SRN, ENB N18 Leg ulcer Management

Amanda Wood

Vanessa Needham

BSc (Hons) Public Health, ENB 928 Diabetes, Dip in Asthma, Dip in COPD, NURB 231 Fertility control/family planning, ENB N18 leg ulcer assessment & management, Community Practitioner Nurse prescriber

Lisa Cunningham
Health Care Assistant

Erin Haines

Health Care Assitant

Our Health Care Assistant undertakes a number of procedures including blood tests, ECGs and blood pressure readings.

GP Registrars & Medical Students

The Practice is an approved training practice.  From time to time we will have GP Registrars attached to the practice.  (GP Registrars are fully registered doctors, training to be a GP). They will offer appointments in the same way as your own doctor. From time to time the Practice will have Medical Students from Brighton & Sussex Medical School.

On occasion the Registrars are required to video their consultations to enable them to reflect, with their mentor, on their performance and to produce evidence for their examination. The patients themselves are not videoed. You will be asked if you would agree to this and if so, to sign a form of consent. If you would prefer not to participate, you are entitled to make this clear to the doctor.

Ruth Cureton
Care Coordinator

Ruth is here to help you. Our aim is to ensure you feel supported and have access to the services that are right for you.

If you are living with a medical condition and require some additional support – whatever it is – we are here to help. The Practice is offering a signposting service for our patients, delivered by our Care Co-ordinators. The service is designed to help support patients in a practical way to help them access the many varied services, available both within the NHS and the local community

Social Prescriber


What is social prescribing?

Many things affect your health and wellbeing. GPs tell us that a lot of people visit them feeling isolated or lonely. Or they might be stressed out by work, money and housing problems. Sometimes it’s the stress of managing different long-term conditions.

That’s where social prescribing comes in. It starts with a conversation. It might be the conversation you’ve just had with your doctor. Or with another person in the practice team. They will refer you to a social prescribing link worker.

The link worker is there to listen to you, and put you in touch with the people and activities that might help you to feel better

For more information about social prescribing please visit –

Clinical Pharmacist


Claire is the practice Clinical Pharmacist. She deals with all medication reviews or queries around medication. You can book a telephone appointment with her

First Contact Physiotherapists


These are physiotherapists based in GP surgeries with an expertise in the assessment and management of musculoskeletal conditions

You can book an appointment directly with a physiotherapist via the receptionist, which means you won’t need to wait for a referral from a doctor.

You may be eligible for an appointment with a physiotherapist for the following problems:

  • All soft tissue injuries, sprains, strains or sports injuries, Arthritis – any joint
  • Possible problems with muscles, ligaments, tendons or bone, eg tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, ankle sprains
  • Spinal pain including lower back pain, mid-back pain and neck pain, Spinal-related pain in arms or legs, including nerve symptoms, eg pins and needles or numbness