Care Quality Commission

The Meadows Surgery has been registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for the following activities.

Diagnostic and screening procedures

Family Planning

Maternity and midwifery services

Surgical procedures

Treatment of disease, disorder or injury

The registered manager is Dr S Gankerseer with Rosie Bentley being nominated for the day to day running.

The registered location :-

The Meadows Surgery, Temple Grove Burgess Hill RH15 9XN


Listed below are our aims and objectives.


· To provide a variety of easily accessible ways to contact and communicate with the practice.

· To seek input from users of our service in order to continuously review and improve practice contact points and communication methods.

· To continuously consider the needs of all our service users and implement enhancements to the way the practice can be contacted and communicated with where possible.

· To engage with outside agencies, other service providers and other stakeholders in order to provide a safe and efficient flow of information relating to operational matters and service user care.

· To ensure that all communication methods are used in conjunction with robust information governance procedures and respect for patient confidentiality.



· To make all of the practice’s services accessible to all service users.

· To provide a variety of access methods so that all service user age groups can have equity of service and information provision.

· To seek input from users who have suggestions for improving access to our sites.

· To plan for and maintain access to the practice’s services in the event of foreseeable threats which may affect service availability such as weather, failure of utilities or equipment, staff availability and damage to premises.



· To provide service users with a variety appointment times designed around patient input.

· To ensure quick access to an appropriate healthcare professional is available to service users with an immediate need.

· To provide a multidisciplinary healthcare team with a wide mixture of skills in order to provide excellent service provision and use of resources.

· To involve the service users in all aspects of their healthcare and ensure they understand any treatment or investigation being offered.

· To gain consent where appropriate for any treatment or investigation.

· To encourage all service users to consider lifestyle changes that would improve their general health and well-being.

· To ensure all healthcare professionals at the practice meet the required standards and maintain a programme of continuous professional development.


· To rigorously maintain a high level of equipment cleanliness and generally throughout the premises to protect patients and staff against infection.

· To regularly inspect and maintain equipment and premises to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose and take action to remedy any issues which arise.

· To ensure relevant staff are trained and competent to use of any equipment required for them to carry out their job.

· To undertake the necessary employment checks and have procedures in place to protect vulnerable children and adults.

· To have robust systems in place, which are reviewed regularly for the production of prescriptions, medication handling and safe storage of stocked medicines.


· To consider, investigate and respond to complaints and suggestions in accordance to NHS guidelines.

· To ensure all members of staff understand their roles and responsibilities.

· To provide staff with the support, training, equipment and environment to aid them in performing their job to the best of their ability.

· To maintain and promote an organisational culture where all staff and service users are treated with respect and dignity.

· To put consideration of equality and diversity issues at the heart of everything the practice does.

· To ensure effective information governance systems are in place and reviewed regularly to maintain the security of confidential information.

· To check the accuracy and relevance of information being held by the practice by regularly auditing all aspects of record keeping from patient records to personnel files.